Face Fit Testing - Qualitative

Face Fit Testing - Qualitative

Face Fit Testing - Qualitative

A qualitative face fit test is a simple pass or fail test based on whether the wearer of a mask can detect a test agent. Whilst they are wearing the mask, a test agent (usually Bitrex) is sprayed into a hood worn over the head. If the wearer can detect the test agent then the mask's seal has leaked and does not provide a good fit for the wearer's face under test. Examples of qualitative fit testing methods are:

  • Method based on bitter or sweet-tasting aerosol
  • Method based on odour compounds


Our dedicated training packages including 'Train the Trainer' for Qualitative face fit testing and will cover individual business requirements, equipment and conditions. This will enable the user to operate the equipment safely and efficiently.

Face Fit Testing

All of our trainers are full accredited under the British Safety Institute's RPE Fit to Fit scheme. Face Fit Testing can be carried out at our training facility or the trainer can come to your offices complete with all the necessary equipment to provide operator certification recognised by HSE.


We also carry out monthly, quarterly and annual inspections, servicing and repairs on all types of RPE at your premises or ours. Each piece of equipment is individually identified and certified by our experienced and OEM accredited engineers using specialist test and measurement equipment.

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