Semmco Head 15

Semmco Head 15 Chemical Oxygen Rescue Set - For Hire

Semmco Head 15 Chemical Oxygen - Rescue Set

Designed to ENTER a hazardous environment for a short duration of 10 minutes in order to effect a RESCUE of personnel or perform WORK. The set has a designated 5 minutes escape or exit time.

When the user breathes out, water vapour is released which combines with potassium superoxide (KO2) in the unit resulting in oxygen and potassium hydroxide. This potassium hydroxide (KOH) reacts with exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce potassium carbonate (K2CO3). Result - oxygen given and carbon dioxide taken away.

The wearer can move unhindered by bulky equipment because not only is the HEAD10 lighter, faster and easier to don but it has no straps, valves or activation system so operates hands free. The hood allows for excellent panoramic vision while the automatic starting system and built in alarm further assist with safety.


  • Lightweight, 15 minute, hooded chemical oxygen set for working / rescue activities in areas of smoke, toxic contamination and Oxygen deficiency
  • Quick and easy to don
  • Can be supplied in a carry case or wall mount case
  • The carry case version can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Built in, 3 stage audible alarm system
  • Designed to provide maximum wearer protection against areas of smoke, toxic contamination and oxygen deficiency
  • Excellent face seal
  • Clear panoramic visor for excellent field of vision
  • Storage integrity indicator for constant visual awareness of the unit's condition
  • Clear voice communication

Instant Oxygen Supply

HEAD15 uses a starter candle to boost the initial start-up phase of the oxygen generation by inflating the breathing bag and purging oxygen into the KO2 generator cells located either side of the wearer's head.

Good Fit

For maximum protection, it is important that HEAD15 fits well and the carefully moulded oronasal mask provides an excellent face seal.

Internal Cooling Mechanism

This mechanism is incorporated to provide necessary cooling for the breathing circuit whilst diffusing the air supply. Historically, chemical oxygen escape sets are warm to wear and breathe, HEAD15 overcomes these historical problems via the internal cooling mechanism that reduces the operational temperature.

Visual and Audible Alarm

These alarms provide the wearer with a three-stage audible and visual alarm sequence.
Stage 1: initiated on start up.
Stage 2: initiated after 66% of the effective duration.
Stage 3: initiated when the effective duration of the set has been reached.


HEAD15 is light and comfortable to wear because the generator cells that constitute to the majority of the weight are evenly. HEAD15 weighs 1.6Kg

Storage Integrity Indicator

HEAD15 is sealed in a container that incorporates an indicator providing constant visual awareness of the unit?s integrity and condition. The system allows the unit to be stored, with no maintenance costs, for an initial 6 years and a further 3 years following satisfactory validation/re-certification test.

Storage and Carrying Systems

HEAD15 can be stored in a wall-mounted box or can be carried in a carry bag that is discarded when HEAD15 is donned.

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